the aurora borealis

a smoke filled room

a large flock of birds 

a school of fish

cloud formations 

a waterfall

a root system 

the bark of an adult tree

a nebula

a supernova

>all display the underlying energetic form that give rise to materiality, which I attempt to capture in Sub Signature



When I first created (what I now refer to as) subliminal signature, there was no concept. It was an impulse of expression that - for a  lack of a better term - channeled through me; as the four walls of the monotony of my everyday life closed in on me like a painfully slow trash compactor. 

Sat at my desk job, I felt starved for meaning, felt the need to create, and had a lack of time to express myself in the way that I yearned to. I impulsively began doodling these abstract non-figurative forms as an energetic outlet without thinking much about what it was or what it meant to me conceptually. It was much later that the conscious mind kicked in and started to try to attach the mental models and explain the art to you and I.

I find the happy accidents to be the most fulfilling and exciting events that occur in the creation process. I am delighted by the amazing and unexpected results that occur, the ones that even make me look back at wonder and amazement, even though I was the one to "create" it. In my opinion, this is as fulfilling, if not even more fulfilling, than the feeling of mastery of a particular technique. It is pure, impulsive creation, and expansive possibility.

These types of results are ones that remind one's-self of the mysterious nature of life and the universe that surrounds it-- the infinite possibilities that exist even when things begin to seem so crystallized, petrified, narrow, and predictable.

The results that make you wonder: "Was it me at all? Or am I just a conductor of this artistic muse?"

"Could I recreate this again, even if I tried with all of my time and ability?"

I just wanted to express create something impulsively beautiful, and something that transcended the figurative realm and that broke beyond the bounds of human conception in specific. I suppose that on the most simple level, sitting at that desk, I just wanted to escape, and the drawings that become the basis for Sub Sig were the result.

This all being said, as I look back, I suppose I can point to some human-centric threads of inspiration for Sub Sig, but at the same time, as I look around in nature, I observe a sort of archetypical expression which I believe arise from a universal and natural impulse -- maybe even physical laws. 

My intuition says that these flowing, organic forms are simply an expression of energetic forms that exist everywhere in nature, and therefore in the subconscious depths of each and every living being. This is why I chose the label "subliminal", as it describes something that is underlying.

List Of Human-Centric Inspiration

In the beginning was the word, in the form of in infinite vibration, an inaudible music playing the strings of time and space... forming the melodies and harmonies of all of existence...the is-ness of is...expanding from the mental ether of the source substratum at a relentlessly accelerating pace.